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Plushie and Stereo Minds will be playing their music. Stereo Minds have been quite the influence on Plushie and this will be their first show together. Stereo Minds Music Austin & Matrisha Armitage We are two musicians that have been living, loving and playing together for over twenty years in a community that we love. With a diversity of styles including blues, rock, folk, singer/songwriter, jam band and soulful grooves we can provide entertainment for any venue. Original music that everyone can enjoy, covers of your favorite rock, blues and folk songs or relaxing ambiance for special occasions. Stereo Minds can customize an experience for your event. Plushie is a Grungedelic Rock band. Cody and McKenna are the band. They are the creators of all you see. It's a musical revolution and they are using Grungedelic Rock to start it. Listen closely to the lyrics and feel the pain of the coming generation. Speaking for the forgotten and the lost. Cody crafts songs from his heart and if you really listen you might find a bit of yourself. Our make up is simple. Write music from the core of life. Then Rock. Just that. It's just good songwriting and good playing. No denying that it feels great to hear this band. So, enjoy the music. Because that is all we have to offer around here. Just good Rock Music.

  • Date: 06/11/2022 08:00 PM - 06/11/2022 11:00 PM
  • Location: 407 Blair Boulevard, Eugene, Oregon, USA (Map)

Price: $5